Health & Innovation Asia

Health & Innovation Asia

11-13 September 2024

Hall 104, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to Health & Innovation Asia, where healthcare meets innovation. Explore now to be part of the future of health and business opportunities in Asia.

health & innovation asia

Health and Innovation Asia together with Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL showcases our commitment to fostering innovation and driving progress in the healthcare sector. This synergy will enable healthcare professionals to explore a holistic spectrum of innovation, from diagnostic breakthroughs to state-of-the-art IT solutions, all under one roof.

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Digital Infrastructure

Thailand’s digital transformation is accelerating through the Thailand 4.0 economic model. It aims to create a value-based digital economy, prioritizing economic prosperity, social well-being, human values, and environmental protection.
Major investments in technology have led to significant advancements in smartphone and broadband connectivity. A country-wide village broadband network has been launched, providing affordable high-speed internet to over 25,000 villages with a budget of Baht 15 billion.

Why located in THAILAND?

  • Prime location at the heart of the ASEAN Economic Community, offering access to a vast market of 663.9 million consumers.
  • 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia with a strong GDP per capita of US$18,760.8 (PPP) in 2021.
  • Unbeatable connections to CLMV countries, China, and India through world-class infrastructure for transportation.
  • Excellent digital connectivity, skilled labor force, and high standard of living for outstanding cost-effectiveness.
  • Preferred investment location in the region, supported by comprehensive government policies and incentives.

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